Interesting things about whistle-blowers

SenateWPEASlideWhistle-blowers are people whose function is simply the truth. They are risking their years of their lives and they are usually threatened by prison because of their statements or knowledge about particular subjects,  and they should be informed that whistleblower law firm exist. There are many known whistle-blowers like Edward Snowden. He explained the plan of the United States and its mass surveillance system. This is a part on global surveillance and it is presenting a big problem for any of the United States administrations. This is why did they threatened him with court and prison for a long years. Of course, this was just a piece of cake for already experienced CIA officer. He tried to flee to other countries to seek asylum and he get it in Russia. He lived on the Moscow Airport before getting Russian citizenship papers.


Snowden sold information to Guardian and one website offer him support. This was the WIkiLeaks and it was founded by Julian Assange, an Australian programmer, journalist and publisher. Julian helped also Chelsea Manning, an US soldier based in Iraq to publish his information about the horrific parts of Iraqi war and among the all things famous footage of the killings of two Iraqi journalists during the bombing of Baghdad by American military in 2007. Chelsea was sentenced for a thirty five years in prison because of the publishing of confidential material. Assange was threatened by the United States court and he ran away from it. He was threatened with some sexual assault by the Swedish government but he replied that those are only political manoeuvres made only to imprison him. He was just like Snowden and sought for political asylum in all of the Embassies in the world. Embassy of Ecuador in London gave him asylum and he has been there since 2012.


There are all sorts of good stories about the whistle-blowers. For instance MordechaiVanunu was former Israeli nuclear expert born in Marocco. He gave some information about the Israeli nuclear program to the British press. According to him Israel has an arsenal of about 400 nuclear warheads and a very advanced nuclear research program. Under threats and almost with no personal life he fled to Italy where he was tricked by two Mossad agents. He was drugged and by force transported to Israel. He was processed behind the doors on a secret court and sentenced to seventeen years of prison. You have to wonder sometimes is it really worth of doing this? Moral and ethical reasons are quite a good explanation for a moral person but seventeen years or in the Chelsea’s case thirty five isn’t a small amount of years to be spent in jail.

Out of these stories of the whistle-blowers usually a scandal comes up. Even with the Watergate conspiracy theory journalists had to work hard in order to achieve their effect. There was a very significant result, the president resigned. Sometimes these statements have some echo in the public world, and sometimes don’t. These guys will always remain true fighters for freedom and liberty.

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